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Dystopic NFT art

Prototype IX

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Stay tunned for our first NFT collection based on the Prototype IX dystopic and futuristic universe.

Sneak Peek

Our first collection will be called “Brain Extracted Memories”. 

As technology evolved, new kind of fetish has been developed between human beings. Since nano-implants are unavoidable, all of our brain data is in risk to be leaked, manipulated, corrupted or being stolen. Brain data can be gathered from dead bodies and can also be extracted from alive bodies. 
The practice of gather brain data from other human beings is strictly forbidden without having the corresponding license. Gather brain data from alive humans is totally forbidden across the entire System with no exceptions. Historians from all over the world are one of the entities with a license to gather dead bodies brain data. Their mission is to gather all the possible information, classify it and save it into the only secure place that lasts still: the Blockchain.
Collecting these memories may help us to preserve the humanity amongst this vastly rusty world. At this moment, year 2145, the only reliable form of information storage is what the old human knew as “The Blockchain”.

– Kimihiro Iota (The Vanguard Officer Historian)

In this collection you will be able to find random human memory extractions and also SUPER-RARE main characters memory leaks.

Every piece will also have different properties like: full name, feeling on death, date of demise, location, father, mother, age, etc.

With this many properties, you can expect a lot of diversity and uniqueness.

The art behind the story

Transmissions from the past geometry

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