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The Prototype IX project

The Prototype IX project is a creation of Alessandro Malatesta, born in Bolivia and living in Spain.

The project began as a sole music project, but after many years trying to express this universe through music, I realized that it was not enough, and I should create different pieces of art so people could understand my story better.

The project is the result of years of different ideas, stories, music compositions, drawings, etc. with no established order or coherence.

All began just as a small idea, but after trying to connect all the different disciplines in one story, it was a very challenging task.

At the moment of writing these lines, the project is more than solid and the universe and story is getting shaped in a fine way.

Alessandro Malatesta plans to tell this story through music, art, books, videos and games. For this to be real, the only way to get this to a tangible situation is to cooperate.

Collaborative Approach

The idea is ambitious and the universe is vast. Our future plan might be to turn this universe into a collaborative environment, where we can develop this dystopic universe as a team of creators.

The Story

In the year 2132, the human is no longer who was used to be. The earth is a rusty and dangerous place. The last humans living on the old planet are abandoned and exposed to all kinds of dangers: contamination, radiation, adverse climatics, and many other dangers you will read a few lines later.

This new humanity lives around scrap and survives thanks to it. Hence, they are usually called “scrap rats”.

While scrap rats try to survive, The Vanguard and The Tyranny, the two most significant new “governments” of the System, fight in a fierce battle to control the planets that may have enough resources for their population. 

The AI

Wars between humans are no longer the major catastrophe of humanity. Our strong dependency on technology has derived into a new state of control where no one can call themselves “free”. The ambition of macro-corporations and the power-vagabond governments created the darkness we live in this universe of chaos. Wars divided humans, and technology is the weapon of control. There is no doubt that their future is bound to be a dark saga.

But this is not their only problem. AI has developed its own will.
A vast army of machinery is deploying its forces, and it’s constantly threatening their future. AI’s only duty is to control and conquer all the “System”, a congregation of human civilizations around the galaxy.

AI has developed the ability to enhance itself to a point where they are capable of developing technology to control their minds, feelings, and even worse… their spirituality.

Further investigations show that AI could break into the spiritual plane and corrupt the intangible. But, as far as we know, these are just speculations, as there’s no solid proof of this plane’s existence but a bunch of brain extracted memories from historians.

Our world is facing changes and human is struggling to survive on it. The message is concise. Take care of your only home, our earth, and take care of who controls your environment. Control your own life or someone else will control it.

Elena Tereshkova – Last Ukraine President on 2097

Transmissions from the past geometry

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