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Welcome to the Prototype IX multidisciplinary art project

War of the machines LEFT
War of the machines RIGHT

First full lenght music album coming Q1 2024 on Alice D Records Label

Rusted audio from a wrecked future.

Dystopian Futuristic Saga

After many years working on the concept, I found that there’s no way to show my vision just with music. There’s no way to make you feel what I want you to feel with just art. To complete the experience, I will also use different forms of expression, like writing or creating video.

You will be able to find all the information on this website once is launched.

Futuristic Dystopian Art

So you can understand better the universe I want you to experience.

Futuristic Dystopian Music

Full lenght albums to complement the story.


Dystopian Books

Full saga will be delivered in book format.

Dystopian Films

Story, art and music combined so you can feel and taste the saga universe.

NFT Art at Open Sea

Art is unreleased and shared through Open Sea. Currently unavailable to buy.

Check out our sound testings

The previews of Prototype IX


Transmissions from the past geometry

Want to be part of our universe?

Contact us in order to show you our message!