Designed to carry out orders and maintain composure when faced by humans. Solid design prepared to withstand space-time bending, vortex, and much more.


We live in an era of futuristic chaos. As we predicted in the past, our world is wrecking. At this point, nothing can save us from ourselves. We created the machine and the machine will create our end. Sending this prototype to the past is the only way we can guarantee the human surviving into the quantum network. After testing with 8 different prototypes, we are releasing the final version of the core, Prototype IX.

Human Friendly

Adaptative to feelings and society. Created to feel and learn.


Receive the data sent by Prototype IX at an ultra-fast rate.


Retro Technology

Old technology loaded to integrate the system to the past.


More than 7000 different languages from the old civilizations.

Coming 2020

First transcoded message will arrive to your systems

War of the machines LEFT
War of the machines RIGHT

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Transmissions from the past geometry

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